Fourth TPM: Greek Report

Activity No.C11
Activity type: Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils
Activity Description: Fourth partners meeting in Poland.
Date: 8-12 February 2016

The short-term exchange of groups of pupils event (C11) scheduled for the “Our School, My Future – ESL Project” to take place in March 2016 was held in Żychlin, Poland, from 8-12 February 2016 to accommodate other partner school activities and scheduled events. It was hosted by Zespół Szkół w Żychlinie and organized by Mrs. Iwona Kciuk in cooperation with all partner organizations.

2nd TPM: Project Overview

During the second TPM in Huseyin Okan Merzeci Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey), Protypo Peiramatiko Gymnasio Panepistimiou Makedonias presented the detailed project calendar/overview, the progress made etc.

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