Fourth TPM: Greek Report

Fourth TPM: Greek Report

Activity No.C11
Activity type: Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils
Activity Description: Fourth partners meeting in Poland.
Date: 8-12 February 2016

The short-term exchange of groups of pupils event (C11) scheduled for the “Our School, My Future – ESL Project” to take place in March 2016 was held in Żychlin, Poland, from 8-12 February 2016 to accommodate other partner school activities and scheduled events. It was hosted by Zespół Szkół w Żychlinie and organized by Mrs. Iwona Kciuk in cooperation with all partner organizations.

Partners participated in and contributed to the activities held, established contacts with the local administrative and educational authorities, and had the opportunity to interact with the hosting school’s parents and students, working on the project goals. The Greek delegation (Peiramatiko Gymnasio Panepistimiou Makedonias) consisted of three teachers and thirteen students, who were accommodated in the same hotel with students from partner organizations/schools and had the opportunity to come in contact, exchange views, and tighten the ties between the participating schools.

The meeting offered a variety of activities that allowed students to cooperate and work together, while at the same time familiarizing themselves with the most important aspects of the Polish culture and day-to-day events and activities in the hosting school. Students participating in the European Robotics Club presented the club’s progress, as it was implemented in partner schools, and enjoyed long sessions of programming as they tried to bring the club to its fruitful conclusion with a synchronized robotic dance event. Furthermore, the Greek students’ team that participated in the coordination of the Erasmus+ program presented their work, a video movie about the prevention of the School Bullying, titled “Different, Unique, and Friends!”.

On the other hand, the participating teachers discussed issues pertaining to ESL and the effects the activities implemented within the framework of our Erasmus+ project had on their schools and ESL, mainly with regards to the European Robotics Club and School Bullying. The platform to implement the Distance Learning Program was presented and issues pertaining to its smooth initiation, development, and conclusion were discussed. Finally, the date for the final meeting in Greece was agreed and pending work to be done as the project is drawing to its conclusion was reviewed and a timetable was set.

All in all, the event in Poland involved a variety of meetings that allowed the partners to work on the activities that had to be concluded or are still pending to bring the project to a successful conclusion. The partners also found the time to get acquainted with important Polish landmarks and significant aspect of the Polish culture while at the same time cooperating effectively thanks to the well-prepared events organized by the hosting school and Mrs. Iwona Kciuk.